Public space is crucial for a happy and healthy society

Our Public Space Advocacy initiative pushes cities to create new, high quality public space that will invite people to congregate and form lasting bonds.

New public spaces must be a priority for cities everywhere

A successful public space generates immeasurable joy and long-lasting social and economic stability. By providing a space for people to associate, public space uplifts every area of life: People have more friends, are happier, have stronger businesses, and participate more in governance, to name just some benefits.

The public spaces, usually in the form of pedestrianized streets and squares, that people need must be located in the heart of communities where people go, not on the outskirts where people don’t go. This often requires bravery and vision on the parts of leaders and the public. The spectacular success of pedestrianized areas such as Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall and New York City’s Times Square must set the standard for the whole US.

Our Public Space Advocacy initiative lobbies cities and helps local campaigners push for high quality public space. Our expertise involves the following areas:

  • Public space location identification
  • Space design concepts
  • Creating compelling advocacy
  • Strategy and outreach

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