Unite an entire community with just one event

Street fairs are a “block party for the whole community” that open up a gathering space in the center of a neighborhood for one exciting day.

Community First Street Fairs works with local residents and organizations to organize street fairs that build community and celebrate local culture.

Putting on a street fair can be an exciting but intimidating prospect. We help grassroots organizers identify and address the many aspects or street fair organizing, including:

  • The event’s location and date
  • Event features and layout
  • Getting support and participation from local organizations and businesses
  • Budgeting and fundraising
  • Promotion

We’ve developed a unique street event organizing model. Our community-organized street fairs feature activities for all ages, places to sit and linger, and opportunities for local organizations and businesses to participate. By stripping out unnecessary features and keeping the organizing workload reasonable, we can help you plan for events to take place more regularly, providing more opportunities for the community to gather.

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