What’s more exciting than a block party on your street?

When neighbors know one another, life is happier and more secure. With community at an all time low in many places, people need a way to reach out and connect with each other. Block parties are the perfect way.

A block party is a thrilling experience where neighbors meet and children run free. Even the planning process is powerful; neighbors reach out to each other and work together for the first time. This often leads to neighbors becoming a part of each others’ lives into the future.

Our Block Parties For All initiative aims to make block parties a standard community-building tool across the US. We accomplish this in two ways:

Encouraging and helping neighbors to organize block parties

Block Parties For All advises neighbors who contact us and also reaches out to those who have not yet organized a block party. We steward neighbors through the entire organizing process including outreach, planning meetings, event idea brainstorming, allocating roles, finances, and filing for permits. Often, all neighbors need is the initial encouragement to get going – we’re there to provide that encouragement.

Working with local authorities to encourage block parties

Despite the community-building potential of block parties, many cities place significant fees and regulations in citizens’ way. Streets For All works with local authorities to identify how the regulatory framework can be changed to encourage more people to organize block parties.

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