Report: How Cities Can Encourage Block Parties

Block Parties are a powerful community building tool and Streets For All is committed to making them a standard across the US

However, most cities are still yet to grasp the importance of block parties. This is most evident in the mountain of fees and regulations that most cities levy upon their block party-organizing citizens.

In 2017, Streets For All looked at the regulations, fees, and processes for permitting block parties in the 62 largest US cities. Our research identified a number of common areas – including application fees, barricade requirements, and collecting neighbors’ support – in which almost all cities could improve. We discovered that some cities that had made substantial improvements had seen a corresponding growth in block party applications.

The report Building Blocks: How Cities Can Encourage Block Parties sums up our findings of current regulations and makes recommendations for how cities can improve their regulatory structure. This report is recommended for all cities looking to help their citizens build community.

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