Streets For All helps communities turn streets into social spaces

People used to fill the streets. This kept everybody happy, safe, and connected. Then streets became dangerous, polluted, and full of traffic, shattering community life.

With Streets For All, neighbors are restoring streets’ role as public spaces. Whether you’re an active citizen or an elected leader, we can help you revitalize your streets.

Our Initiatives

Block Parties For All

Nothing builds community like a block party. Block Parties For All promotes block parties in new communities, helps first time organizers make it happen, and works with cities to make street closure rules block party-friendly.

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Community First

Street Fairs

Street fairs allow a large number of people to experience the joys of community and public space. Community First Street Fairs trains local organizers to create unforgettable street events.

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Built Curious walks

The design of our streets, buildings, and public spaces profoundly impacts our happiness and access to community. Built Curious urban design walks show a new way of seeing the built world and how it can become more people-friendly.

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Public Space Advocacy

Permanent high quality public space, such as pedestrian streets and plazas, in the center of neighborhoods are the gold standard for any city. We support efforts to push for new public spaces and well as advise on public space design and location.

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